Thank you for your generous support.  Your contribution to the Tubbs Hill Foundation is tax-deductible as permitted by federal law for nonprofit foundations.

Other ways to help:

1. Be a responsible pet owner:  If you hike with a pet, please respect the hill and other visitors by picking up waste.  

2. Clean up:  When you visit Tubbs Hill, bring a plastic bag for trash items you encounter, or use one of the bags supplied at the entrance points.

3. Practice Leave No Trace ethics:  Most importantly, hike only on established trails, as indicated on the trails maps under Visit.

4. Teach children to be responsible hikers:  Become a Junior Friend of Tubbs Hill, print a copy of the Activity Book, or pick one up at the Parks Department.

5.  Become a member or have a name engraved on one of the monuments:  Fill out the Membership Form for your choice of membership. 


Don’t Tread on Me – At Least Not There

Tubbs Hill is in danger of being loved to death by people creating unauthorized trails that pose a threat to the natural habitat and aesthetic appeal of the hill.  Some of the trails have become quite deep and create unwanted channels for water runoff which carry away much needed soil.  There are an increasing number of such trails, and the potential for soil erosion and plant destruction are of great concern.  The city Parks Department has made attempts to eliminate the trails, but the problem has not gone away.  After Parks Department staff and members of the Tubbs Hill Foundation board recently examined the extent of the problem, it was realized that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to eliminate all unwanted trails, particularly those going from the main trail down to the water.  The decision was made to focus on eliminating the trails going uphill that pose the greatest threat to the natural environment, either by damage to plant life, soil loss, or erosion from runoff.  The plan is to cover selected trails with pine needles, branches, obstacles such as rocks, and then seed them with a native grass.  Small signs will likely be placed telling the public that the area is under restoration and to please stay off.  Trail maps are readily available at the Parks Department in city hall which show clearly the authorized trails.

Keep Tubbs Hill Green (and Clean)!